I think it all started with my mom’s hand-me-down Kodak Brownie camera. My dad was a prolific traveler and took thousands of photos along the way. He liked the look of classic color slides and delighted in sharing his photography with the projector. My mom was a classic snap-shooter, taking photos of every birthday cake celebration and family gathering. While I was growing up, my family had all types of cameras, ranging from the aforementioned Brownie to various Polaroids to the short lived Kodak Disc to a nice Canon AE-1. But what I remember as most important wasn't the cameras but the vital moments of our lives they preserved. My mom kept wonderful photo albums always available for viewing and my memories now of enjoying those albums are precious and the very reason I love photography.
     I took lots of photos with that old Brownie but longed for a better camera to better express my personal vision. I tried various point and shoots along the way but really wanted a nice SLR so i could change lenses. I remember being inspired by the amazing photography in magazines like National Geographic and Life. Kodak and Fuji film formulations were breaking new boundaries and autofocusing SLR cameras were appearing on the market. I got great use from two Minolta Maxxum cameras as I learned more about composition, exposure, and photo processing. Eventually quality digital imaging came on the scene and I quickly made the jump.
     Fujifilm digital cameras and equipment are my tools of choice to capture my finest images. I’ve also devoted a considerable amount of time learning and using digital image processing tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out the best in my images. I respect the technical part of photography but truly enjoy the artistic joy of the craft by carefully composing and processing a unique image.
     Joining the Navy immediately after high school, I traveled to many countries in Europe and the Middle East. I've also traveled all across much of the United States and Canada with my family. I love taking photos of my travels and always look for the unusual location or perspective, leaving the beaten path for the road less traveled. I try to express this point of view in my photography.
     Cary, North Carolina is my home and I also spend plenty of time on the Delaware seashore. My wife and I are happily married and we have two amazing sons. We share our home with our steadfast English Springer Spaniel and our exuberant Treeing Walker Coonhound.
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